What Classes should I Take?

Erickson’s List of Energy Related Course Offerings 

Please note that this list has not been endorsed by anyone except for Prof. Erickson

MAE Courses web page (both Graduate and Undergraduate)

Graduate Courses (many of these courses are taught in alternate years so please plan accordingly)

MAE 207 Engineering Experimentation and Uncertainty Analysis

MAE 210 Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

MAE 211 Heat Transfer Design

MAE 216 Advanced Thermodynamics

MAE 217 Combustion

MAE 218 Advanced Energy Systems (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

MAE 219 Computational Methods for Chemical Reaction

MAE 234 Design and Dynamics of Road Vehicles

MAE 248 Turbomachinery

MAE 258 Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Theory and Design

MAE 267 Parallel Computation for Thermo/Fluid Science

MAE 268 Wind Power Engineering

MAE 269 Fuel Cell Systems (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

Related courses external to MAE

TTP 210 Fundamentals of Transportation Technology

EBS 216 Power Systems

Related Undergraduate Courses (MAE and others)

ENG 103 Fluid Mechanics

ENG 105 Thermodynamics (Thermo 1) (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

EME 106 Thermofluids (Thermo 2) (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

EBS 111 Electric Power Equipment

EME 109 Experimental Methods (Thermo Fluids) (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

EME 108 Experimental Methods (Mechanical Design)

EME 161 Combustion and the Environment

EME 163 Internal Combustion Engines and Alternatives (Prof. Erickson teaches this course regularly)

EME 165 Heat Transfer

ECI/ESP 163 Energy and Environmental Aspects of Transportation

Energy Related Faculty and Researchers (that I associate directly with, there are many many others!)

Jae-wan Park (Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Roger Davis ( emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Andy Frank ( emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

J.P. Delplanque (Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Bryan Jenkins (Bio. and Ag. Engineering)

Joan Ogden (ITS-Transportation Technology and Policy)

Andy Burke (ITS-Transportation Technology and Policy)

Marshall Miller (ITS-Transportation Technology and Policy)

Dan Sperling (ITS-Transportation Technology and Policy)

Ben Shaw (Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Ralph Aldredge (Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Case Van Dam (Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Ian Kennedy (emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Wolfgang Kollman (emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Mike Hoffman (emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Harry Dwyer (emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

Jim Baughn (emeritus Mech. and Aero. Engineering)

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