Current Students

Jasmin McInerney (PhD Student)

Jasmin is a second-year Ph.D student investigating how internal waves effect scour around seabed structures. She collects field data using marine robotics platforms including gliders to help better understand internal waves, and to contribute to environmental monitoring and management projects. Jasmin also conducts experimental testing in flume facilities to better understand fluid-structure interactions, especially for pipelines near the seabed.

Drew Friedrichs (PhD Student)

Drew is a first-year Ph.D student studying water resources engineering. He has a background in physics from Middlebury College, but found his calling in water from summer jobs in fisheries science and an REU in underwater sonar applications. His specific interests currently include ocean turbulence and Arctic fjord dynamics on northern Ellesmere Island. In the future, he hopes to bridge from oceanography to limnology, to further explore the physical processes in California’s water systems. Drew thoroughly enjoys hands-on fieldwork, but also appreciates the data processing and programming side of engineering. If he’s not working, you can probably find him watching the Cubs game.


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