My teaching philosophy stems from ablend of work in academic and industrial settings in a variety of different countries and teaching settings. From this composite of workplace experiences, I have developed progressive interpersonal skills and the ability to understand and effectively interpret various learning styles stemming from a variety of personal and cultural backgrounds. These skills have allowed me to adapt my teaching style to accommodate a wide demographic and foster successful learning in all students. An interactive and passionate teacher has the ability to energetically tap into individual learning methods and inspire students towards excellence by becoming significantly more engaged.


Alex Forrest instructing High School STEM educators at the Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle Computer Science Institute (NSUAVCSI) held at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center (Fall, 2016).

Specifically, I encourage a hands on based learning approach using both field and lab based techniques to convey abstract and complex problems. At the undergraduate level, I’m directly involved as the Water Resources mentor in the final year design project and at the graduate level I teach ECI264A: Mixing Processes in Natural Systems – Rivers and Lakes and ECI264B: Mixing and Transport in Estuaries and Wetlands. In addition, I also offer specialised topics in Underwater Spatial Analysis combining my research interest in lake and seafloor mapping with visualisation of midwater column data visualisation.

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