Research Interests

We study the mechanical and coupled behavior of soils at different spatial scales; from the geometric arrangements of particle-particle contacts to the friction mobilized by a soil mass in contact with a deep foundation element. We combine conventional and non-conventional experimental tools (shear strength testing, bender elements, thermal probes, 3D printing, image analysis, microscopy, particle image velocimetry) with numerical models (discrete element modeling, DEM) with the objective of obtaining insight regarding the fundamental behavior of granular masses, developing new testing capabilities for geotechnical engineers, and advancing new technologies for the development of more efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

Our research interests include:

  • Soil-structure interfaces
  • Bio-inspired geotechnics
  • Discrete element modeling (DEM)
  • 3D printing in geotechnical engineering
  • Deep foundations
  • Thermal response of soils
  • Site characterization
  • Laboratory testing of soils


For more information on my current research interests and projects please visit the Granular Materials Lab website.