Teaching Interests

  • Soil Mechanics, ECI 171 – Soil formations, mass-volume relationships, soil classification, effective stress, soil-water-void relationships, compaction, seepage, capillarity, compressibility, consolidation, strength, states of stress and failure, lateral earth pressures, and slope stability.
  • Advanced Soil Mechanics, ECI 281A – Consolidation and secondary compression, including pre-loading and wick drains. Seepage and seepage pressures, filtration, drainage, and dewatering. Shear strength including friction, cohesion, dilatancy, and critical states.
  • Physico-Chemical Aspects of Soil Behavior, ECI 283 – Study of the geotechnical behavior of soils considering formation, transport, mineralogy, soil-fluid-electrolyte systems, surface tension, particle mechanics, shape, fabric, and structure. Laboratories demonstrate effects of fundamental interparticle forces (contact, Van Der Waals, capillarity and chemical).
  • Advanced Foundation Design, ECI 286 – Design and analysis of pile and pier foundations, including seismic effects; deep excavation systems; tie-back, nailing, and anchor systems; coffer dams; loads on buried conduits; ground modification techniques; and other related topics