Positions Held

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Current Positions

Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA (retired)

Independent unsponsored researcher and engineering/science writer for the website https://cyclostationarity.com/

Positions Held

Academic Research and Teaching Appointments

Stanford University Materials Science Lab (RA) 1965-1966
Stanford University Radio Science Lab (RA) Summer 1969
University of Massachusetts Communications Lab (RA/TA) 1969-1972
University of California, Davis (Assistant Professor) 1972-1976
University of Washington Applied Physics Lab (Visiting Scholar) 1975-1976
University of California, Davis (Associate Professor) 1976-1982
University of California, Davis (Professor) 1982-2001
University of California, Davis (Professor Emeritus) 2001

Industrial Research and Entrepreneurial Experience

Bell Telephone Labs (Member of Technical Staff) 1967-1969
Statistical Signal Processing, Inc. (Founder, President and Chief Scientist) 1982-2011
PureWave Technologies, Inc. (Founder, Originator of IP, and President) 1998-2001
Gardner Technologies, Inc. (Founder, Originator of IP, and Chief Technology Officer) 2001-2006
Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. (Research Scientist Senior Principal) 2011-2013
NEXGEN Wine Closures, LLC (Founder, Inventor of IP, Principal) 2009-2014
Vista Norte Ventures, LLC (Founder, Principal) 2011-2014

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