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Research Grants and Contracts–last 20 years of active university service: $11.5M

(During the following 10 years, SSPI was awarded an additional $13M)


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PI Project Name Sponsor Project Date Funding Amount
PI (UC) Design & Implementation of Multi-Input Adaptive Signal Extractors. AFOSR 6/79-5/82 $172,318
PI (SSPI) Cyclic Spectral Analysis. NPS 9/82-12/82 $1,600
PI (SSPI) Detection and Classification of Cyclostationary Signals. NPS 10/83-5/84 $16,875
PI (SSPI) Periodicity and Signal Analysis. NPS 1/83-9/83 $19,280
PI (UC) Rapidly Converging Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Adaptive Sensor Arrays. NSF 4/83-9/84 $46,362
PI (SSPI) Detection of Signals in Noise. NPS 5/84-12/84 $14,000
PI (UC) Detection, Estimation and Extraction of Cyclostationary Signals in Noise and Interference. ESL 7/84-6/85 $51,563
PI (SSPI) Detection, Classification and Estimation of Spread Spectrum Signals in Noise & Interference. NPS 4/85-4/86 $45,000
PI (UC) Detection, Estimation & Extraction of Cyclostationary Signals in Noise and Interference – II ESL 4/85-8/85 $29,980
PI (SSPI) Optical Cyclic Spectral Analysis. The Aerospace Corp. 7/85-6/86 $10,000
PI (SSPI) Noise Analysis of Periodically Switched Circuits. Hughes 4/86-12/86 $6,900
PI (UC) Cyclostationary Signal Processing. UC MICRO and ESL 7/85-12/86 $71,000
PI (SSPI) Detection, Classification, and Estimation of Spread Spectrum Signals in Noise and Interference (Continuation). NPS 7/86-6/88 $38,000
PI (UC) Cyclostationary Signal Processing II. UC MICRO and ESL 8/86-9/87 $69,000
PI (UC) Cyclostationary Signal Processing II. (Supplement). ESL 1/87-6/87 $10,571
PI (UC) Cyclostationary Signal Processing III. UC MICRO and ESL 79/87-9/88 $69,075
PI (SSPI) Detection, Classification, and Estimation of Spread Spectrum Signals in Noise and Interference (Continuation). NPS 11/87-6/88 $35,000
PI (SSPI) Methods for Identification of Bauded QAM Signals. PH Associates 5/88-10/88 $8,500
PI (SSPI) Exploitation of Cyclostationarity of Frequency-Hopped Signals. E-Systems, Inc. 10/88-12/88 $20,000
PI (UC) Algorithms for Exploitation of the Spectral Correlation Property of Cyclostationary Signals. UC MICRO and ESL 9/88-9/89 $84,750
PI (SSPI) Multi-Sensor Processing for Spread-Spectrum Detection, Location, and Extraction. NPS 8/88-4/89 $36,000
PI (UC) Exploitation of Modulation Properties for Blind Adaptive Signal Processing. NSF 1/89-12/91 $252,588
PI (SSPI) New Temporal/Spectral/Spatial-Coherence-Exploiting Algorithms for ISTA. ARO 1/89-12/91 $285,000
PI (SSPI) Algorithms for Narrowband Interference Rejection. Signal Science, Inc. 8/89-12/89 $10,000
PI (UC) Exploitation of Spectral Interdependence for Signal Identification and Direction Finding. UC MICRO and ESL 9/89-12/90 $111,400
PI (SSPI) Digital Implementation of a Cyclic Spectrum Analyzer. E-Systems, Inc. 8/89-12/89 $11,180
PI (SSPI) Cyclostationarity Exploiting Algorithms for COMINT. E-Systems, Inc. 2/90-7/90 $54,840
PI (SSPI) Algorithms for Multi-Sensor Signal Detection, Copy, and Analysis. NPS 1/90-9/91 $120,000
PI (SSPI) Development of Interception Algorithms for Hybrid FH/DS Signals. E-Systems, Inc. 2/91-10/91 $39,437
PI (SSPI) Cyclic Feature Analysis, Design, and Exploitation. ARO 4/91-3/94 $232,705
PI (UC) Signal-Selective High-Resolution Direction Finding. UC MICRO and ESL 7/91-6/92 $46,638
PI (UC) Exploitation of Cyclostationarity for Signal-Parameter Estimation and System Identification. ONR 1/92-12/93 $173,704
PI (SSPI) Development of Algorithms for Detection and Analysis. NPS 1/92-12/93 $161,706
PI (UC) Theory and Application of Higher-Order Cyclostationarity. NSF 4/92-3/94 $217,643
PI (UC) Workshop on Cyclostationary Signals. NSF, ONR, ARO, AFOSR 4/92-3/93 $230,925
PI (SSPI) Signal-Selective Processing for Sensor Arrays. E-Systems, Inc. 8/92-7/94 $39,854
PI (SSPI) Signal-Selective Processing for Interception. USAF Rome Lab 10/92-9/94 $239,552
PI (SSPI) Low-Cost General Purpose Spectral Correlation Analyzer. Air Force Avionics SBIR 5/93-10/93 $79,127
PI (SSPI) Low-Cost General Purpose Spectral Correlation Analyzer. Phase II Air Force Avionics SBIR 7/94-12/96 $847,723
PI (SSPI) Exploitation of Spectral Redundancy for Separation of Cochannel AMPS. ARGOSystems 3/93-7/93 $57,924
PI (UC) Programmable Blind Adaptive Multivariate Filtering. NSF and ARO 10/94-6/98 $353,939
PI (SSPI) Development of Antenna Array Algorithms for Cellular Radio. E-Systems, Inc. 7/93-11/93 $45,039
PI (SSPI) Exploitation of Cyclostationarity. Mission Research Corporation NSA, DARPA, Navy SPAWAR, NSF 8/94-4/97 $259,992
PI (SSPI) General Search Algorithm. U. S. Government 6/95-5/96 $294,896
PI (SSPI) Automated Signal Classification and Geolocation. U. S. Air Force 4/96-2/99 $1,157,624
PI (SSPI) Robust Precision Geolocation with Diverse Sensors. Phases I, II, II+ Army SBIR 12/00-6/04 $1,000,000
PI (SSPI) Computationally Efficient Joint Demodulation for Sensor Arrays. NSF 9/00-6/01 $150,000
PI (SSPI) Reduction of Computational Requirements for Joint Demodulation. NRO DII 2/00-9/01 $344,970
PI (SSPI) Spatio-Temporal FRESH Filtering for Interference Mitigation. U. S. Air Force 7/97-7/01 $3,068,113
PI (SSPI) Custom HOCS-based Signal Classification. NSA/SAIC 2/01-12/01 $543,082
PI (SSPI) Multipath Mitigation for Geolocation. DARPA 6/01-12/02 $460,153
TOTAL       $11,545,528

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