Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Graduate Students (in alphabetical order by last names)

Ben Arbaugh, Ph. D. Candidate

Ben is studying the genetic bases for long term shelf stability of plant beneficial bacteria microencapsulated in  cross-linked alginate microcapsules (CLAMs) using the UC Davis patented spray-dry cross-linked alginate encapsulation technology.





Alex Hitomi, Ph. D. Candidate

Alex is applying nanoscale advanced imaging analyses to study surface properties of cellulose that impact productive cellulase binding.






Lucy Knowles, Ph.D. Student

Lucy is a Ph.D student studying how cellulases and lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase (LPMO)s synergize during hydrolysis of cellulose.




Lauren Lynn, Ph.D. Candidate

Lauren is a USDA scientist investigating enzyme-mediated production of nanocellulose for use in sustainable, renewable bioproducts.






Yuting Tang

Yuting Tang, Ph. D. Candidate

Yuting is studying the application of a patent pending, one-step complex coacervation technology that she developed to microencapsulate bioactive ingredients.





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