STEM for Girls

STEM for Girls blueEach year, we invite ~ 50 girls between the ages of 10 – 12 to join us for a day of STEM for Girls on the UC Davis campus.  The goals for the day are to spark a passion for STEM in young girls and to provide them an opportunity to interact with women in STEM.  The event is organized collaboratively between Tina Jeoh and Mari Knuth-Bouracee of the Women’s Research and Resources Center and currently funded by the National Science Foundation.  We thank Isis Education for their continued support of the snap circuit workshop. We also thank all the volunteers – undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty for helping us inspire the girls every year.

A typical STEM for Girls day has workshops in the morning and lab/facility tours after lunch.  The 2014 STEM for Girls workshops and tours included:

Workshops2014 STEM for Girls

  • Snap Circuits
  • DNA extraction from Strawberries
  • Making Butter (Food Science!)
  • Polymers and Rockets


  • Geotechnical Modeling Center (Large Centrifuge)
  • Bohart Entomology Museum
  • Human Gross Anatomy Lab
  • The ‘Tower of Death’ Mechanical Engineering Composites Laboratory
  • The Horse Barn
  • The Dairy Barn





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