Select Recent Publications from the Jeoh Lab

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Kawakita, R., Leveau, J.H.J., Jeoh, T. (2021) Optimizing viability and yield and improving stability of Gram-negative, non-spore forming plant-beneficial bacteria encapsulated by spray-drying. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering.

Kawakita, R., Strobel, S., Soares, B., Scher, H., Becker, T., Dale, D., Jeoh, T. (2021). Fluidized bed spray-coating of enzyme in a cross-linked alginate matrix shell (CLAMshell). Powder Technology S003259102100245X.

Jeoh, T., Wong, D.E., Strobel, S.A., Hudnall, K., Pereira, N.R., Williams, K.A., Arbaugh, B.M., Cunniffe, J.C., Scher, H.B. (2021). How alginate properties influence in situ internal gelation in crosslinked alginate microcapsules (CLAMs) formed by spray drying. PLoS ONE 16, e0247171.

Nill, J. D., and Jeoh, T. (2020) The role of evolving interfacial substrate properties on heterogeneous cellulose hydrolysis kinetics. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 8(17), 6722-6733.

Mudinoor, A. R., Goodwin, P. M., Rao, R. U., Karuna, N., Hitomi, A., Nill, J., & Jeoh, T. (2020). Interfacial molecular interactions of cellobiohydrolase Cel7A and its variants on cellulose. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 13(1), 10.

Strobel, S. A., Hudnall, K., Arbaugh, B., Cunniffe, J. C., Scher, H. B., & Jeoh, T. (2020). Stability of Fish Oil in Calcium Alginate Microcapsules Cross-Linked by In Situ Internal Gelation During Spray Drying. Food and Bioprocess Technology.

Tang, Y., Scher, H. B., & Jeoh, T. (2020). Industrially scalable complex coacervation process to microencapsulate food ingredients. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 59, 102257.

Strobel, Scott A., Knowles, L., Nitin, N., Scher, H. B., & Jeoh, T. (2020). Comparative technoeconomic process analysis of industrial-scale microencapsulation of bioactives in cross-linked alginate. Journal of Food Engineering, 266, 109695.

Wong, D. E., Cunniffe, J. C., Scher, H. B., and Jeoh, T. (2019) Controlling swelling and release of hyaluronic acid during aqueous storage by in situ cross-linking during spray drying with alginate.

Boundy-Mills, K., Karuna, N., Antonio Garay, L., Lopez, J. M., Yee, C., Hitomi, A., Nishi, A. K., Enriquez, L. L., Roberts, C., Block, D. E., and Jeoh, T. (2019). Conversion of cassava leaf to bioavailable, high-protein yeast cell biomass. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

Strobel, S. A., Scher, H. B., Nitin, N., & Jeoh, T. (2019). Control of physicochemical and cargo release properties of cross-linked alginate microcapsules formed by spray-drying. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 49, 440–447.

Nill, J., Karuna, N., & Jeoh, T. (2018). The impact of kinetic parameters on cellulose hydrolysis rates. Process Biochemistry, 74(June), 108–117.

Strobel, S. A., Allen, K., Roberts, C., Jimenez, D., Scher, H. B., and Jeoh, T. (2018). Industrially-Scalable Microencapsulation of Plant Beneficial Bacteria in Cross-Linked Alginate Matrix. Industrial Biotechnology, 138–147.

Jeoh, T., N. Karuna, N. D. Weiss and L. G. Thygesen (2017). Two-Dimensional 1H-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry for Understanding Biomass Recalcitrance. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b01588.

Jeoh, T., Cardona, M. J., Karuna, N., Mudinoor, A. R., and Nill, J. E. (2017). The Mechanisms of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose – A Review. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. DOI: 10.1002/bit.26277.

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Cardona, M. J., Tozzi, E. J., Karuna, N., Jeoh, T., Powell, R. L., & McCarthy, M. J. (2015). A process for energy-efficient high-solids fed-batch enzymatic liquefaction of cellulosic biomass. Bioresource Technology, 198, 488-496. doi:

O’Dell, P. J., A. R. Mudinoor, S. J. Parikh and T. Jeoh (2015). “The Effect of Fibril Length and Architecture on the Accessibility of Reducing Ends of Cellulose Iα to Trichoderma reesei Cel7A.” Cellulose.  DOI 10.1007/s10570-015-0618-y.

Karuna, N., L. Zhang, J. H. Walton, M. Couturier, M. H. Oztop, E. Master, M. J. McCarthy and T. Jeoh (2014). ” The Impact of Alkali Pretreatment and Post-Pretreatment Conditioning on the Surface Properties of  Rice Straw Affecting Cellulase Accessibility to Cellulose.” Bioresource Technology 167: 232 – 240.

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Santa-Maria, M., A. A. Ruiz-Colorado, G. Cruz and T. Jeoh (2013). “Assessing the Feasibility of Biofuel Production from Lignocellulosic Banana Waste in Rural Agricultural Communities in Peru and Colombia.” Bioenergy Research 6(3): 1000-1011.

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Lavenson, D. M., E. J. Tozzi, M. J. McCarthy, R. L. Powell and T. Jeoh (2011). “Investigating Adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin on Various Cellulosic Substrates Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.” Cellulose 18(6): 1543 – 1554.

Roberts, K. M., D. M. Lavenson, E. J. Tozzi, M. J. McCarthy and T. Jeoh (2011). “The Effects of Water Interactions in Cellulose Suspensions on Mass Transfer and Saccharification Efficiency at High Loadings.” Cellulose 18(3): 759-773.

Santa-Maria, M. and T. Jeoh (2010). “Molecular-scale investigations of cellulose microstructure during enzymatic hydrolysis.” Biomacromolecules 11(8): 2000 – 2007.





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