Capstone Senior Design Projects

Biological Systems Engineering Capstone Senior Design Groups


2010-2011: Chadwick Wyler, Andrew Almendares and Kevin Kostlan

  • Bio-ethylene bioreactor design with gas phase separation

2012-2013: Cassy Gardner, Kara Johnson and Marie West

  • Amperometric Glucose Biosensor

2013-2014: Ryan Kawakita and Mohammad Bakir

  • Multiplexed amperometric Glucose Biosensor

2014-2015: Chris Roberts, Chris Staddick and Myles Donahue

  • Improved design of glucose biosensor

2017-2018: Ben Arbaugh, Alex Hitomi and Alex Wyler

  • Ultra High Pressure Pretreatment Bioreactor

2018-2019: Lucy Knowles, Jessica Marvin and Peter Russell

  • Electricty via Exoelectrogens (EVE) Project (Microbial Fuel Cell for use on the UC Davis Student Farm)



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