Professional Affiliation and Services

Professional Society Membership

  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineering, 2002-Present
  • Member, SIGMA XI (Scientific Research Society), 1987-Present
  • Member, Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society), 1986-Present
  • Member, Alpha Epsilon (Engineering Honor Society), 1986-Present
  • Member, Transportation Research Board, 2002-Present

Journal Editorial Services

Editorial Board Member of the following journal:

  • Journal of Water and Wastewater (International advisory editorial member), 2014-
  • Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2010-Present
  • Scientia Iranica (regional editor), Journal of Science and Technology, 2005-Present
  • Stormwater, Journal of Surface Water Quality, 2000-Present

Regular peer review contribution to the following scientific journals:

Biomass and Bioenergy, Bioresource Technology, Ecological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring Assessment, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Technology, Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, Science of The Total Environment, Scientia Iranica, Solid Waste Technology and Management, Transportation Research, Waste Management, Water Environment Research, Water Research, Water Resources Planning and Management, Water Science and Technology,

UC Davis Committee Membership and Services

  • Academic Federation Representative to the Academic Committee on Senate International Studies& Exchange, 2008- 2010.
  • Member of the Academic Federation Executive Council, 2006-2008.
  • Member of the UC Davis Road Ecology Center, 2009-Present.
  • Member of the UC Davis Energy Institute, 2007-Present.
  • Member of the University of California Pavement Research Center, 2007-Present
  • Member of the Academic Federation Committee on Committees, September 2006-2008
  • Member of the Academic Federation Committee for Professional Development, 2005-06
  • Member of the scientific committee for Tahoe Center for the Environment Sciences, 2007-Present
  • Elected member of the UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) Board of Directors, 2000-2004
  • Member of the CAAA Scholarship Endowment Committee, 2000-2004.
  • Key contributor of arranging the historical trip of the Chancellor Vanderhoef and 5-member delegation to visit Tehran University and two other technical universities in IRAN in May 2004.
  • Key contributor of a 4-day training program at UC Davis sponsored by the United Nations to scientists and engineers from India on the latest technology for conversion of waste into energy and landfill gas recovery, 1996
  • Hosted two visiting professors from Spain and Ireland in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and worked with them on developing advanced bio-gasification research programs in their respective universities, 1994-95
  • Elected graduate students representative, UCD Graduate Students Association, 1985-87.

National and International Committee Membership and Services

  • Chair of the ASCE/EWRI Committee on data analysis and performance evaluation for manufactured BMPs, June 2008-Present
  • ASCE/EWRI Committee Member on lab testing guidelines for certification of  manufactured stormwater BMPs, April 2007-Present
  • Technical Advisory Committee, Caltrans Stormwater Management Program, 1998-Present
  • Blue-Ribbon Panel member on discussing “field testing, laboratory testing and protocols for manufactured best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater runoff treatment,” 7th National StormCon Conference, Orlando, Fl, August 3-7, 2008.
  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Tahoe Environment Research Center, April 2007-Presenet.
  • Panel member of the “automobiles emissions and regulatory aspects for their control,” 11th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, August 26-31, 2007.
  • Panel member of the “BMP and LID workshop” at the 6th StormCon conference, Phoenix, AZ, 2007
  • Chair of the “ecological health and risk assessment,” session at the 3rd EcoSummit Conference, Beijing, China, May 22-27, 2007.
  • Technical Advisory Board Member of the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center, July 2007- 2009
  • Panel Member, of the “emission from traffic,” 10th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2006
  • Chair of “emerging treatment technologies, solid measurements technique, and source tracking of pathogens” session at the 5th StormCon conference on, Denver, Colorado, July 2006
  • Panel member of “BMP workshop,” at the 5th StormCon conference, Denver, Colorado, July 2006.
  • Chair of the “highway runoff pollutants, and source tracking of pathogens,” sessions at the 4th StormCon conference on, Orlando, Florida, 2005.
  • Chair of the “roadway pollutant’” session at the 10th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005.
  • Chair of the “BMP treatment systems,” session at the 3rd StormCon Conference, Palm Desert, California, 2004.
  • Organizer and contributor of the Stormwater Monitoring Techniques Workshop for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), 2002.
  • Peer reviewer of the “energy technology status report” for the California Energy Commission, 1997-98.
  • Scientific advisory committee member on “alternatives to rice straw burning” for the California Air Resource Board, 1996-97.
  • Investigator of a “proprietary bioremediation process” for the Center for Evaluating New Environmental Technology (CENET) program, California Department of Health, 1994-95.
  • Scientific advisory committee member on “California compost regulation,” California Integrated Waste Management Board, 1994-95.
  • Scientific advisory committee member and a major contributor of full-scale implementation of newly-developed and innovative high-solids anaerobic composting process for the California Prison Industry Authority (PIA), 1992-95.
  • Organizer and contributor of the “application of an anaerobic composting process for the recovery of energy and the production of compost from municipal solid waste workshop” for the California Energy Commission and the California Integrated Waste Management Board, 1994.
  • Chair of the “solid and liquid waste treatment,” session at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Conference held in Winnipeg, Canada, 1994
  • Chair of the “process aspect, performance, and design,” session at the International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste held in Venice, Italy, 1992.

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