New Course and Sylabus Development

  • Developed two new courses with associated teaching materials related to bio-energy and stormwater pollution and taught them to undergraduates since 2005 at UCD
  • Developed short courses in bioenvironmental engineering and fundamentals of water quality and taught them to professionals through UCD Extension, 1995-04
  • Developed a new graduate course entitled “Process Converting Organic Solid Waste into Energy” for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis, and taught it in Spring 1996.
  • Developed a comprehensive syllabus for Statics to accompany textbook as a student aid, 1996.
  • Prepared three practical courses to educate and train the staff of the California Integrated Waste Management Board on the latest technologies in municipal solid waste management, 1994-97.
  • Produced a 20-minute videotape in 1994 of the UC Davis High-Solids Biogasification Project for teaching purposes.  This videotape is currently available in the University’s Video Archive and is used for several courses at UC Davis.
  • Developed a comprehensive syllabus for the Electric Motor Equipment course to aid students with their lab assignments, 1986.

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