Research Interests and Completed Projects

Research interests

My research activities are primarily focused on two general areas: (1) conversion of waste into energy, and (2) characteristics, fate and transport, and treatment of surface runoff pollutants.  Major research topics of interest include:
–       Particle-bound organic and inorganic pollutant characterization;

–       Mathematical modeling of roadway runoff pollutants;

–       Source identification of non-point source pollutants from environments;

–       Innovative stormwater runoff treatment;

–       Permeable pavement for stormwater runoff management;

–       High-solids bio-gasification of organic waste for energy recovery; and

–       Methods to assess the biodegradability of organic wastes for bio-fuel production.

Recently Completed Research Projects

  1. Clogging investigation of open graded friction course under heavy vehicle simulator and rainfall simulations.
  2. Methodologies to identify sources of pollutants from highway runoff in Tahoe Basin.
  3. Micro particle (<20 mm) size fractionation and contaminates associated with them.
  4. Clogging investigation of porous asphalt and pervious concrete pavement surfaces.
  5. Methods to measure the permeability of permeable pavements.
  6. Mathematical modeling of pollutograph.
  7. Water quality and toxicity evaluation of leachate produced from open and dense-graded pavement materials.
  8. Hydrographic toxicity evaluation of urban highway runoff.
  9. First flush treatment strategies.
  10. Performance evaluation of detention basin based on the fine particles and toxicity removal.
  11. Hydraulic simulations of full depth permeable pavements on highway shoulder for stormwater runoff management.
  12. First flush characteristics of organic and inorganic pollutants generated from urban highway runoff.

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