Active Research Projects.

NSF/EAR Hydrologic Sciences A Practical Upscaling of Reactive Transport. PI. $566,000, 2014-2017.

NSF/CMMI Bio-Cementation Field-Scale Trials: Addressing the Challenges of Treatment Unformity & Verification, Biostimulation, & By-Product Management, (co-PI with Jason DeJong/UCDavis), $596,646, 2012-2015

NSF/EAR Hydrologic Sciences Near-Surface Repulsion and Mixing-Limitations: Upscaling of Colloid Transport in Non-Uniform Media under Unfavorable Conditions (co-PI with William Johnson/Utah State and Markus Hilpert/JHU), $159,917, 2012-2015.

NSF/EAR Hydrologic Sciences Collaborative Research: Experiments and Modeling in Horizontal Gene Transer (co-PI with Helen Nguyen/UIUC and A. Massoudieh/CUA), $129,000, 2011-2014.

CA Air Resources Board Multimedia Risk Assessment for Alternative Fuels (co-PI with Thomas McKone/UCB), $485,000 2008-2014; $135,000 2014-2015.

UC Office of International Programs Educational use of environmental tracers in the calibration of aquifer models and management of groundwater (co-PI with J.-R. de Dreuzy, Universite’ Rennes, France), $18,000, 2013-2014.

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