Completed Projects

Completed Projects

US DOE: Field Investigations of Microbially-Facilitated Calcite Precipitation for Immobilization of Strontium-90 and Other Trace Metals in the Subsurface (co-PIs Robert Smith, U Idaho; Y. Fujita, INEL; S. Hubbard, LBL), 2007-2009.

US DOE: Subsurface Uranium Fate and Transport: Integrated Experiments and Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical Mechanisms of Nanocrystalline Uraninite Oxidation by Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides (co-PIs Brent Peyton, Montana State; Rajesh Sani, SDSMT; N. Spycher, LBL), 2007-2009.

CA ARB/WRB/OEHHA/DTSC/EPA: A Multimedia Risk Assessment for New Fuels in California: Biodiesel and LCFS Fuels (coPIs, T. McKone, LBL), 2006-2012.

UC WRC: Comparative Inverse Modeling with Combination of Multiphysics Codes and Parameter Estimation Snap-on Tools (co-PI L. Foglia, LWA), 2007-2009.

US NSF: Metal Toxicity in Microbial Consortia: Response to Acid Mine Drainage at Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (co-PI Brent Peyton, WSU), 2004-2007.

US NSF: Horizontal Gene Transfer in Subsurface Microbial Communities (co-PI John Cushman, Purdue), 2004-2009.

CA EPA: Multimedia Risk Assessment for New Fuels in California: Review and Guidelines Development (co-PIs Tom McKone, UCB and Dave Rice, ret., 2003-2012.

CA State Transportation Department (CALTRANS): Modeling Roadway Contaminant Fate and Transport During Infiltration in BMPs, 2003-2010.

CA State Water Control Board: Compatibility and Permeability of Underground Storage Tank Materials to Ethanol-Blended Automotive Fuels, 2000-2001

UC WRC: Application of a New Model for Groundwater Age Distributions: Modeling and Isotopic Analysis of Artificial Recharge in the Rialto-Colton Basin, California (co-PI Linda Woolfenden, USGS), 1999-2002.

US NSF: Penetration of Chemical Disinfectants into Particles Developed in Water Treatment: Impact on the Biological Quality of Post-Disifected Water (co-PI Frank Loge, WSU), 1999-2002

US DOE EMSP : Dynamics of Coupled Contaminant and Microbial Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media, 1997-2000.

US DOE NABIR : The Influence of Heterogeneity and Growth on Microbial Transport in Saturated Porous Media, (co-PI E.M. Murphy, PNL), 1998-2001

US DOE NABIR : Data Analysis/Integration for Comparative Oxic/Anoxic Field Injections of Microbes.(co-PI T. Scheibe, PNL), 1998-2002

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