Prior Students & Postdocs

My graduate group members have earned 36 masters degrees and 10 doctoral degrees since I joined UC Davis in 1997. Seven of my doctoral/postdoctoral associates are faculty.  Members are listed below in reverse chronological order by graduation date, with current position.

Tracy Heidersbach, CEE MSCE 2014, Risk assessment of natural gasoline blends and biomethane. West Yost Associates, Walnut Creek, CA.

Tamir Kamai, Postdoctoral associate CEE 2013-14, Colloid filtration theory. Agricultural Res. Office, Israel.

Chris Morrow, MSCE 2014, Owens Lake Ancient Irrigation.  USC doctoral student.

Areeba Syed, BSCE 2014, Mixing and reactions in nonuniform flows.  Los Angeles, CA.

Tyler Hatch MSCE 2011, PHD 2013, Biodiesel fate and transport in unsaturated zone; Multimedia risk assessment for alternative fuels in California. CH2MHill, Sacramento.

Patrick Sutton, MSCE 2013, Solar-powered in-situ remediation, Baseline Consulting, Providence, RI.

Diego de la Torre, BSCE 2013 Nonlocal Transport.  Sacramento, CA.

Nic Engdahl, PHD LAWR Hydrology 2012 (co-advised w/ Prof. Fogg) Groundwater age, nonlocal transport, inverse problems. Faculty, WSU Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Petros Gikas, 2009-12 Environmental microbiology. Faculty, Technical University of Crete.

Nooshin Salki, MSCE 2012 Waste injection wells in California. Chevron, Richmond, CA.

Philip L’Amoreaux, MSCE 2012, River morphology, Luhdorff & Scalomini, Woodland, CA.

Vanessa Nino MSCE 2012, Ancient irrigation puquios in Peru. US Army COE, Sacramento, CA.

Sailin Xia, MS LAWR Hydrology 2012, Ethanol-gasoline fate. Beijing University.

Idy Mei-Lun Lui MSCE 2012, Cosolvency and material compatibility of Ethanol-blended fuels in the underground environment. State Water Board, Sacramento, CA.

Shima Motlagh, MSCE 2012, Ethanol-gasoline cosolvency. Sacramento, CA. 

Mehran Ebrahimi, MSCE 2011, Streamtube-ensemble approach to modeling U reduction-reoxidation in-situ, GSI Environmental, Sacramento, CA.

Peter Hoseit MSCE 2011, Closed-form solutions for advective-dispersive transport with two-domain diffusive mass transfer. AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Sacramento, CA.

Laura Foglia Postdoctoral Associate CEE 2007-2011, Groundwater inverse problems, coupled groundwater – surface water modeling, Engineering education and teaching, Groundwater age, Nitrate occurrence and fate. Faculty, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

Tess Weathers MSCE 2010,  Multicomponent reactive transport of ureolytic-induced calcite precipitation and strontium co-precipitation, streamtube-ensemble techniques for well-to-well reactive transport modeling. Doctoral student, CSM, Golden, CO.

Jon Kaminsky, MSCE 2010, River bank filtration modeling, Ludorff&Scalomini, Woodland, CA.

Eric Geissinger, MSCE 2010, Streamtube-ensemble approach to modeling U reduction-reoxidation in-situ. Aspect Consulting, Seattle, WA.

Elisabetta Lambertini, PHD CEE 2010, (co-advised w/ Prof. Loge)    Environmental biotechnology, environmental stressors in populations, gene transfer and regulation in microbes. Postdoctoral Assoc., U Maryland.

Tomer Schetrit, MSCE 2010, Ethanol-blended fuels multimedia risk assessment for California. Terraphase Engineering, Oakland, CA.

Kirk Nelson, MSCE 2001, PHD CEE 2004, Postdoctoral associate CEE 2009, Colloid filtration theory.  PhD CEE, Postdoctoral Associate CEE, Colloid filtration theory, kinetics of horizontal gene transfer in porous media.  USBR, Sacramento, CA.

Montarat Issarangkun Na Ayutthaya, MSCE 2009, Multicomponent reactive transport of uranite reoxidation, effects of sulfide, role of siderophores and chelators.  State Water Board, Sacramento, CA.

Tammer Barkouki  MSCE 2009,  Multicomponent reactive transport of uraninite reoxidation, multicomponent transport of ureolytic-induced calcite precipitation and strontium co-precipitation.  Mercury fate and transport in estuaries. Geosyntec, Oakland, CA & US Air Force.

Hanieh Haeri, MSCE 2007 (co-advised w/Prof. Loge)  Fisheries population dynamics and stressors,  PHD CEE 2009, Groundwater inverse problems including groundwater age. Hydrologics, Oakland, CA.

Arash Massoudieh, PHD CEE 2006, Postdoctoral associate CEE 2008, Modeling cohesive particulate suspensions with colloid-facilitated transport, radial diffusion, vertical infiltration of metals and organics in infiltration basin BMPs, kinetics  of horizontal gene transfer in subsurface biotia, colloid filtration theory.  Faculty, Catholic University of America, Washington D. C.

Sevinc Sema Sengor PHD CEE 2005, Postdoctoral Associate CEE 2007-8, Biogeochemical cycling of metals in multicomponent biotic/abiotic model of acid-mine impacted Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Faculty, Southern Methodist University.

Cindy McClain, BS Geology 2008, Arsenic fate and transport, Mercury fate and transport in estuaries.  Doctoral student, Stanford.

Daniel Patten MSCE 2008, Biodiesel and pyrolysis oil fuel risk assessment.  Kennedy Jenks Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Matt Diaz, MSCE 2008, Stormwater metals contamination and BMP performance assessement. Chevron, Richmond, CA.

Karen Lam Fat Cheong Him, MS CEE 2008, Metal toxicity measures.  CDM, Ann Arbor, MI.

Tony Knapp, MSCE 2008, Remote village sanitation and water quality in Tijera, Panama.  MWH.

Irina Tikhonova, Postdoctoral Associate CEE 2006. Mathematics of dose-structured population dynamics, analysis of Bay-Delta striped bass populations.

Ann Mathew, MSCE 2006,  Kinetics of microbial attachment/detachment in saturated porous media.  San Diego, CA.

Kristi Ross, MSCE 2006, Biodiesel environmental risk assessment, US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento, CA.

Kristin Curthoys, BSCE 2006, Geochemical modeling of lacustrine benthic sediments,  Consulting, Citrus Heights, CA.

Rhodora Biagtan, MSCE 2006, Water resources systems analysis. Dublin Water, CA.

Mathias Perle, MS LAWR and MSCE 2006, Groundwater age transience and sampling by pumping.  Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, OR.

Eileen Belding, MSCE 2005, Permeable reactive barriers with dynamic permeability and porosity; uranium reoxidation.  UNC.

Lynette Shipsey, MSCE 2005, Bacterial chemotaxis in porous media,  Forestville, CA.

Mahbubur Rahman, Postdoctoral Associate  2004-2005, Stability analyses of delay-difference equations in population dynamics.  Faculty, U. N. FL Math Department.

Yuksel Onsoy, PHD 2004, Nitrate fate and transport in the vadose zone.  Kennedy Jenks Consulting, San Francisco, CA.

Limor Geisler, MSCE 2004, River hydraulics modeling.  Madison, WI.

Linda Woolfenden, PHD LAWR Hydrology 2004, Deterministic simulation of the age of groundwater.  USGS, Sacramento, CA.

Mak Shatila, MSCE 2003, Groundwater modeling Tooele, UT. US Army Corps of Engineers.

Esther Chung, MSCE 2003, Storage and conveyance materials compatibility andpermeability to ethanol-based fuels.  CH2MHill, Sacramento, CA.

Chris Green, PHD LAWR Hydrology, 2002 (co-advised w/ Prof. Fogg) Groundwater flow  and isotope transport modeling.  USGS Palo Alto, CA.

Rochelle Shang, PHD CEE 2002, Fieldscale application of streamtube ensemble models for subsurface fate and transport.  URS Corporation, Hawaii.

Uma Seeboonruang, PHD CEE 2002, Upscaling geochemical heterogeneity in hydrogeology.  Faculty, King Mongkut University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Hakan Basagaoglu, Postdoctoral Associate 2000-2002, Radial diffusion modeling, streamtube network models for solute transport, wastewater particle disinfection.  Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX.

David Bendz, Postdoctoral Associate 2000- 2001, Surface complexation modeling with distributed travel times in subsurface porous media, hockey instructor.  Swedish Geophysical Institute, Malmo, Sweden.

Bryton Johnson, MSCE 2000, Modeling deep aquifer contaminants at Tooele Army Depot, Utah.  US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento, CA.

Michael C. Wademan, MSCE 2000, Bacterial transport in porous media.  Nolte & Associates,  Sacramento, CA.

Chris Brugato, MSCE 1999, Anaerobic microbial consortium degradation kinetics.  Westech Engineers, Inc., Salem, OR.

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