Courses & Shortcourses

Current Courses

  • Pollution and Populations (FRS 001);  Freshman seminar on the interactions between chemical stressors and population dynamics
  • Probability and Statistics for Engineering Systems Analysis (ECI 114):  Introductory probability and statistical concepts for engineering students.
  • Groundwater Systems Design (ECI 144):  Introductory hydrogeology; well-flow systems; groundwater quality and contamination, management; intro. to groundwater modeling.
  • Water Quality Management (ECI 148A):  Basic concepts of water quality, water and wastewater treatment processes, and water quality management alternatives.
  • Advanced Hydrogeology: Flow (ECI 272A):  Continuum and mixture-mechanics of groundwater occurrence and motion via mass and momentum balances, hydraulics of groundwater, boundaries, and recharge; geologic properties controlling groundwater flow, heterogeneity and statistical properties of spatial random fields; introduction to stochastic hydrogeology.
  • Advanced Hydrogeology: Transport (ECI 272B):  Mechanics and governing equations for advective-dispersive/diffusive transport of solutes and suspensions in porous media; potential theory for two-dimensional transport in confined and unconfined aquifers; diffusive mass transfer with radial diffusion and effective multi-domain exchange models; deterministic and stochastic approaches to modeling transport; streamline and streamtube ensemble approaches to upscaling transport in heterogeneous aquifers; groundwater age.
  • Quantitative Geochemistry (ECI 272C):  Multicomponent mixtures and their interactions during advective-dispersive transport in porous media; survey of chemical and microbiological reactions involving inorganic and organic components in natural aquifer materials; formulation of equilibrium and kinetic mass transformation models, and complex reaction networks; solution approaches via operator-splitting and DAE systems and use of the USGS code PHREEQC-II
  • Inverse Problems (ECI 271):  Formulation and solution of inverse problems in distributed parameter models, using groundwater flow and reactive transport modeling as contexts. Multivariate estimation and optimization review, Maximum Likelihood background, and exercises and applications with UCODE indirect inverse modeling tool.

International Shortcourses

Reactive Transport Modelling, Univ. Tübingen Short course held 30 Sept. to 4 October 2013 in Bad Boll, Germany organized by Prof. O. Cirpka. Delivered three lectures, assisted with projects.

Workshop on reactive transport in porous media: Applications to contaminant hydrology, bioremediation, colloid transport,and groundwater age.  Constructed and delivered 35 hours of lecture over 11-15 October 2010 at Universita degli Studi di Milano in Milan, Italy, invited by Prof. M. Giudici.

CNRS Second Summer School on Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured media: Development, protection, management, and sequestration of subsurface fluids, Cargèse, Corsica, 16-28 August, 2010, invited by Prof. T. Le Borgne of Geosciences Rennes.  Delivered three lectures.

NSF Summer School on Geophysical Flows and Reactive Transport, U.S. NSF, Purdue University, August, 2006.

Slovenia and U.S. Workshop on Environmental Science and Engineering, U. S. NSF/Rep. Slovenia Ministry of Higher Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 27-30, 2006, invited by Prof. J. Petersen, Washington State Univ. and Prof. M. Horvat, U. Ljubljana.  Delivered two lectures.

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