Current Students

Ahmed Ali, CEE PHD, Mixing-limited in situ biodegradation

Mehrdad Bastani, CEE PHD, Ureolytic calcite precipitation

Mohamed Nassar, CEE PHD, Inverse problems, mixing and reactive transport

Linsey Shariq, CEE PHD, Fracking wastewater impacts to wheat in irrigation

Andrew Benjamin, CEE MSCE, Colloid-surface interaction forces

Titus Garrett, CEE BSCE, Upscaling reactive transport, calcite precipitation

Arjun Nataranjan, Biochemistry BS, Horizontal gene transfer in the environment

Daniel Nguyen, Physics BS, Horizontal gene transfer in the environment

Arturo Palomino, CEE BSCE, Fixing the Derjaguin approximation for body-body interactions

Cassandra Wang, CheE BSChE, DLVO modeling of Atomic-force microscopy data

Brandon Weaver, Eng BSCE, Relativistic kinematics differential equations

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