Group Members

Current PhD Students

Puning Zhao
BS, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Xinyang Cao
MS, UC Davis

Yulu Jin
BS, Zhejiang University, China

Xiaochuan Ma (co-advised with Professor Shuguang Cui)
MS, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Visiting Scholars

Yunfang Zhu, Visiting Professor, Sept. 2018 –
Jin Xu, Visiting Professor, Dec. 2018 –


Wenwen Zhao, PhD, 2018
Thesis: Distributed Testing with Multi-terminal Data Compression
First Employment: FutureWei Technologies

Wenwen Tu, PhD, 2018
Thesis: Information Theoretic Approaches for Security and Privacy
First Employment: FutureWei Technologies

Mostafa El Gamal, PhD, 2017
Thesis: Distributed Statistical Learning under Communication Constraints
First Employment: Western Digital

Bingwen Zhang, PhD, 2017
Thesis: Change-points Estimation in Statistical Inference and Machine Learning Problems
First Employment: FutureWei Technologies

Ain-ul-Aisha, PhD, 2017
Thesis: Fundamental Limits of Poisson Channels in Visible Light Communications
First Employment: Hatachi Insight Group

Jun Geng, PhD, 2014
Thesis: Quickest Change-Point Detection with Sampling Right Constraints
First Employment: Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Raied Caromi, PhD, 2014 (Co-advised with Dr. Seshari Mohan)
Thesis:  Optimal Spectrum Sensing and Channel Search Strategies for Cognitive Radio Systems: Algorithms, Analysis and Real-time Implementation
First Employment: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Past Visitors

Rongfei Fan, Visiting Professor, 2017-2018
Qian Liu, Visiting Professor, 2017-2018
Qi Gu, Visiting Student, 2017-2018
Zhenzhou Tang, Visiting Professor, 2015
Qian Hu, Visiting Professor, 2015

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